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Anyone like Planetes?  It's a good mix of hard sci-fi and drama, and I really love the OST.

What I love about it most is how it realistically portrays outer space.  They take sound effects into careful consideration to accurately portray how different characters interact with each other in outer space.

The pilot episode is up on youtube…

Can anyone recommend anything similar?  The more realistic and scientifically accurate, the better.  Thanks!


United States

Searching for good country music might yield the stereotypical twangs and men wearing giant cowboy hats and big leather boots. Yet, bands like Square Social Circle have somehow managed to remain relatively obscure here in Indianapolis and within the music scene, and they still seem to command much more extensive and diverse music influences than most ordinary country musicians.

Take for example their 2013 single, Lamentations. A nice cello harmony provided by Lindsay Huddleston is soon complemented by a simple and steady rhythm layered with bright banjo played by Jason Scott and delicate piano melodies also played by Huddleston. The rhythm, and the piano melody especially, sound very reminiscent of Howe Gelb and his music as Arizona Amp and Alternator.

Grant McClintock and Kayla Sanders both have terrific voices and they interact quite well together to provide nice contrast. Scott then plays a very telling melody on the trumpet that was delightfully paired with the toy piano performed by Matt Zitzer, the latter perhaps being a reference to some earlier works by Wilco.

With such a strong song like “Lamentations”, Square Social Circle has already made a name for themselves in the otherwise obscure country music scene in Indianapolis. But then again, Square Social Circle really has moved beyond country music to play something even better. One minor complaint is that this track seems to have been mastered too quietly, and the volume knob might have to be cranked up just a bit to fully enjoy and appreciate this song. More music from Square Social Circle no doubt will be highly anticipated.…

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